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Guided ATV Tours

ATV riding in the St. George area is quite spectacular because of the great diversity of terrain. With elevations ranging from 2,000 to over 10,000 feet you'll have the opportunity to ride in the desert, on rough rock, in the forest or over mountainous terrain. St. George ATV riding opportunities include riding on sand dunes and on many back-country trails. There are several ATV rental companies and other companies who provide guided ATV adventures.

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There are many back-roads and trails in the region for ATV riding. Check with the Bureau of Land Management or National Forest Services offices in St. George for maps and other details.

St George ATV Trails

In spring-time the water levels are high in streams and washes as the snow melts from the surrounding mountains. ATV riding becomes even more adventurous during these time frames.

The west desert of St. George along with the southern desert (into Arizona) are two areas where there are plenty of trails to explore.

The Hurricane Sand Dunes near Sand Hollow State Park also offer some excellent areas for ATV, motorcycle and Jeep experiences.

Remember to check with federal agencies for maps and information on properly experiencing the ATV trails in the St. George, Utah area.