Indoor Soccer – Pickleball – St. George

I remember years ago when a manufacturing company worked from a large warehouse in the Green Valley area of St. George.    The company is now gone but the warehouse remains and is being utilized now as an indoor sports arena, primarily for indoor soccer and indoor pickleball.

Where is the facility?   415 South Dixie Dr.  (Green Valley).  Click on the links below to learn more.

St. George area indoor soccer court

Indoor soccer field in St. George Utah

Indoor soccer:   The indoor soccer court has high walls, rounded on corners, and a court that is approximately 50 yards long and 30 yards wide.   Nets are attached above the walls to keep the soccer ball in play.  Youth can just show up and play indoor soccer on specific nights with pick-up teams that rotate in and out of the game based on wins.   Leagues are also available for many ages.   With World Cup Soccer in full-swing right now, the interest in indoor soccer seems to be gaining strength in the St. George area, especially during the hot summer months.

Indoor pickleball:  The indoor pickleball courts are available for individual and team play, and the rates for indoor pickleball look very reasonable.   Pickleball has been growing in popularity and this appears to be a great facility for the sport.

Check out these facilities to learn more.

St. George Utah pickelball court in green valley

Pickelball court in st. george utah

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