St. George Utah

St. George Utah - view of downtown Saint George Area

St. George Utah Northward View

What is it about St. George that makes it such a unique destination?   I’ll answer that question as best I can in a series of short paragraphs.

The People: You can try to start with the scenery, or the golf, but really it’s the people that make St. George what it is today.   Whether its the people who first settled St. George, Utah, or the people who began to visualize a new future in the mid 1970′s, or the people who have come from around the world to make this their new home, it’s a great mix that still brings a safe and very friendly environment.   Saint George, as it is sometimes spelled, is quiet possibly one of the most active destinations in the world and people here love to get outside and experience life with each other.

The Scenery: It’s interesting that the scenery has always been here, but until air-conditioning came along St. George just really wasn’t on anyone’s radar.    Now people can easily enjoy the scenery even in the warmer summers.  Geologically St. George has two unique features that draw the attention of locals and visitors alike.  Sandstone and lava!   Sandstone formations follow a course along the norther part of St. George and this belt of sandstone spreads west past Snow Canyon State Park and northeast toward Silver Reef.    Volcanic activity last hit this region as recently as one thousand years ago, according to some scientists, and lava is strewn across the area in various flows that have coated the hills.   The contrast of lava against red and even white sandstone formations paints a dramatic picture against the blue skies, and green grasses of the sports fields and St. George golf courses.

St. George Utah activities - mountain biking

Mountain Biking near St. George Utah

The Terrain: This really is the scenery but elevations in the St. George area range from 2,000 feet to over 10,000 feet and this makes for some incredibly great trails for outdoor adventure.    Hiking, Mountain Biking, ATV riding, jeep tours, rock climbing and more, are all enhanced by the terrain of the St. George, Utah region.

Active Life: I mentioned this in the first paragraph, but St. George is truly an amazing place for the person seeking an active lifestyle.   Consider first the organized activities that are offered here, including the St. George Marathon, St. George – Huntsman World Senior Games, the St. George Ford Ironman triathlon, plus a host of soccer, baseball, softball, volleyball, and other sports tournaments.   Then consider the number of outdoor activities available in the area, along with 35+ miles of paved pathways in St. George and you start to get an idea of how active a place this really is.

Entertainment - Tuacahn

Entertainment at Tuacahn Amphitheater

Entertainment: Most towns this size would give their left arm for level of entertainment that is found here.   Start with the Tuacahn Center for the performing arts and work your way on to the Southwest Symphony, regular concerts at the Dixie Center along with Dixie State College theater and music productions, arts festivals, concerts in the park, and the list continues for a long while.

The Weather: Yes the summers are warm, but as mentioned, air-conditioning, swimming pools and nearby lakes have taken that concern away.   Fall and Spring are simply spectacular and winters generally still shirt-sleeves during the main part of the day.   So the weather is a major consideration for those who want to enjoy the winter, but even more-so now, people are enjoying the warm summers with water-sports, early morning activities and cooling their heels in the closest pool.

That’s a good start on explaining some of the reasons that St. George, Utah is top to bottom one of the best places in the country for living or vacationing.

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