The Inn at St. George 

St. George, Utah


St. George, Utah is a great place to live and an equally exciting vacation destination. This web-site is designed to provide visitors and locals alike, with a resource for planning a day of actvities, a night of dining and entertainment, or a multi-day vacation. We encourage you to return to this site often to learn more about the St. George and Zion National Park area.

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St. George is a community with a great heritage and history. It's the people that really contribute to the quality of life in St. George today.   From the first settlers of St. George, Utah, to the the people who now come from around the world, this community offers a very friendly and safe environment.Saint George (sometimes mis-spelled this way), may be the most active destination in the America.

Active Lifestyle

Per capita, St. George, Utah is possibly the most active destinations in the America. Key active events are the St. George Marathon, Ironman Triathlon, and the World Senior Games. St. George is also host to a very large number of sporting tournaments for softball, soccer, and other sports. St. George has the facilities to host a tournament for over 300 softball teams, and the Canyons softball complex is rated the best of its kind in the western U.S. When you add the many active events to opportunities for outdoor hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, canyoneering, rock climbing, ATV riding and other outdoor adventures, St. George simply offers more than most places several times its size.

Weather: Spring and fall in St. George offer wonderful temperatures and winter is a time when shirt-sleeves are still normal during daylight hours. Winter weather is very calm with almost no wind, and winter might just be one of the best times to enjoy outdoor activitiesin the lower elevations around St. George.   Summers are warm but air-conditioning, swimming pools and nearby lakes have changed the dynamics of warm weather in all areas of the great southwest.  

Geology and Terrain

Elevations in the St. George area extend from 2,000 feet to 10,000+ feet. The lower elevations are the home of vast low deserts and sandstone cliffs. Some of the area is coated by lava from volcanic activity that may have come as recently as 1,000 years ago.

The diversity of this area terrain brings great opportunities for for outdoor adventure in the St. George, Utah region.



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