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Mark's Favorites

As the creator of this web site, I've seen and done most of the things you'll find on St. George is a place that offers incredible scenery and back-country experiences. If you're young at heart and want to be active then you'll like the places recommended below. If someone comes to visit me, some of the following locations are where I like to take my friends.

Red Cliffs St George

Red Cliffs Recreation

In the spring and after it rains you'll find that this is a natural play land for adults and kids alike. In the summer this area goes dry but it is still a fun place to visit. Here you'll find a great little campground or picnic spot, things to climb, a stream, pictographs and petroglyphs, pools of water (in Spring and after rain). It is scenic, peaceful and best of all it is easy to get to. It's a 15 minute walk and even the youngest child can be carried or helped to walk into this area. Keep an eye out on the young ones and enjoy it. 
Location: South of Leeds and just west of Harrisburg. Go under the freeway and follow the signs. 
Hint: go early in the morning during summer months.

Ivins Petroglyphs

Ivins Petroglyphs

Along the Santa Clara River they say there are 997 petroglyphs, left from the days of the ancient Anasazi Native Americans. This is a great place to visit and one that intrigues any visitor. It's an easy walk with just a little elevation climb. 
Location: South of Kayenta along Santa Clara River. There is a parking area and trail head.

Scout Cave St George

Scout Cave

On the eastern edge of the Entrada community is this small cave area. Go north and south of this cave and there are fun places to walk, climb and squeeze through. It's another playground and takes about 25 minutes to walk in along the sandy wash from Snow Canyon Parkway. 
Location: The wash is just south of the new round-a-bout (faux-rock) at the entrance to Ivins City on the parkway. 

Eagle Cave Utah

Eagle Crags

When I first paid attention to these formations (early 1980's) I thought they reminded me of the Mountains of Mordor" from J.R.R. Tolkien's books about Hobbits. This was long before the famous movies came out that used New Zealand as their back-drop. The other place I like to call home. 
There is a trail that leads to the base of these formations and circles around the left side. This is basically a three-mile hike (each direction), unless you spend time moving around these formations.

Eagle Crags UT

Eagle Crags

Here's an aerial view of Eagle Crags. When you stand on these formations you can look north into Zion National Park, even though you are outside of the park. 
The way to the trail head is from Bridge Rd. in Rockville. Cross the old bridge over the Virgin River and instead of going west to Grafton Ghost Town you'll follow a road up on a mesa.
Please note that this road can be difficult to get up without 4-wheel drive. Don't go up during or just after a rain storm. 

Cascade Cade Ut

Virgin River Rim

It's a bit of a jaunt to get here but worth it, especially during warm summer months. From St. George is 1.4 hours to get up on the plateau. Once you get up on Cedar Mountain there is a great list of fun things to do.
• Cedar Breaks National Monument 
• Navajo Lake (summer fishing boat rentals) 
• Cascade Falls (east side of Navajo lake to trail) 
• Mammoth Cave (past Duck Creek Village / Mammoth Creek Rd) 
• Brian Head 
• Panguitch Lake
• Duck Creek Village (Shops, restaurants, ATV rentals)

Red Mtn Trail Snow Canyon

Red Mtn Trail-Snow Canyon

This trail offers a good elevation climb but the view from the north end of Snow Canyon State Park is phenomenal. The trail head is on the west side of the road just past Diamond Valley on the road to Veyo (highway 18). There are several areas along the rim to view the canyon. The trail to the first view-point is about 2.5 miles. If you are full of energy you can continue along the rim to the west (right side of photograph). 

I have many more favorites but will save these for future updates. Check back from time to time to see what's new.