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St Geroge Mtn Bikers


The number of locations for rappelling and rock climbing in the St. George Utah area seem to be unlimited. Here's a list of a few good spots.
• Zion National Park
• Snow Canyon State Park
• Dixie Rock (above the city)
• Virgin River Gorge
• Kolob Plateau
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St George Mountain Bikers


The St. George are has many sandstone rock formations where rappelling is easily accomplished. Many of these locations provide access to the top of the formations with the opportunity to rappel down and then walk or climb back to the top for another rappel.

St George Utah Biking

Slot Canyon

The St. George area is one of the best places in the world for rappelling into slot canyons. This activity has been give the term canyoneering.
Rappelling Safety is paramount in this exciting outdoor activity and it is best to use experienced guides unless you have the appropriate experience and equipment to do this on your own. Click here to learn more. Rappelling Slot canyons such as this one take on an ethereal view as sunlight reflects into the deep recesses. Water from rain and snow-melt can add an another dimension to the experience. Rappelling In some locations and at certain times of year you will rappel into pools of water. Make sure you are prepared for the cooler temperatures associated with slot canyon pools that are shaded most of the day. For these experiences it may be wise to bring a water bag (water-tight) with a towel, change of clothes and even a wet-suit, if available. Rappelling While rappelling the experience of bouncing and descending is one of the exciting aspects of the sport. Rappelling It's the first few steps over the edge that can be a little unnerving, but once past that point, this is a thrilling adventure. Click here to learn more.