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Rivers & Streams

virgin river overlook

Virgin River

The Virgin River and its tributaries is responsible for carving Zion National Park and the Virgin River Gorge. During heavy rainstorms the Virgin River becomes a chocolate color as sediment from the red sandstone and top-soil is pushed downstream. There are many places inside Zion National Park where people can walk or tube in the river. 
In the spring-time some intrepid rafting and outdoor adventure companies offer kayaking or rafting experiences on the Virgin River. Be aware that during spring run-off the Virgin River can be a dangerous place. Use appropriate caution during these time frames.

st george virgin river

Virgin River

Inside Zion National Park the river bottom is rocky but further downstream the river bottom is very sandy and usually quite shallow.

st george utah skim boarding

Virgin River Boarding

The sandy river bottom has created the perfect place to participate in the activity of skim boarding. Locals often make their own boards, but various local shops also sell the skim boards. There is an annual official skim-boarding competition on the Virgin River. 

Santa Clara River

Santa Clara River

The other main river in the St. George Utah area is the Santa Clara River. It starts on Pine Valley Mountain and works its way west to the town of Gunlock and then circles southeast past Santa Clara and eventually connects with the Virgin River in St. George. 

Other small rivers (or creeks) in the area, are Laverkin Creek and Quail Creek. 

The upper Santa Clara and parts of Quail Creek are known to be reasonable spots for trout fishing