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Snow Canyon State Park

Snow Canyon State Park

Snow Canyon State Park

The main canyon is visible from an overlook on highway 18. Just past this viewpoint is the north access point to the state park. There is a small fee to enter the park (per vehicle) but it is well worth it.

Snow Canyon State Park offers many hiking trails, paths for biking, sand dunes, lava caves, abundant wildlife and desert flora and fauna, and some of the best rock climbing in the region.  

Looking South

Standing on top of the sandstone formations in the center of the park, a hiker can see great views in all directions. The black rock is actually just a natural coating over the red sandstone.

Looking North

The white sandstone in the distance is a different layer of sediment than the red sandstone in the foreground. The black on the rock is once again a natural coating over the rock and not lava. There is a large amount of lava in the park and even some lava caves just to the right of where this picture was taken.

East Rim View

Standing on the east rim of Snow Canyon State Park one can see down through the valley across black lava flows and layers of red and white sandstone. Native American petroglyphs are found along this rim.

Rim View to the West

Yucca plants and desert brush accent the foreground of this photo that looks from the east rim to the west.  The morning sky is tinged with many colors as the sun is slowly rising in the east behind Snow Canyon State Park.  

Distant View

This view toward Snow Canyon State Park looks out across part of the cities of St. George and Ivins. The homes of the Entrada community sit in the middle foreground.  

Hiking on the Petrified Dunes

These hikers walk across large hills of sand that have turned to stone. The etchings of wind and water have created magnificent formations to walk across and to view.

Sunrise Romance

The vibrant colors of Snow Canyon State Park are at their peak at early morning and late evening. The east rim shadows move down the western walls of the canyon as a couple looks on.


Erosion has carved troughs, gouges, slots and ribs into the petrified dunes. Trails meander throughout these formations where small arches, caves and other formations are found.

Wildlife in the park include foxes, coyotes, snakes, gila monsters, scorpions, rabbits, roadrunners, desert doves and more.

Rock Climbing / Rappelling

Snow Canyon State Park is a favorite place to climb and rappel. This woman prepares herself for another stage.

Guided hiking, climbing, canyoneering, rappelling and outdoor adventures are available through companies such as Zion Rock and Climbing Guides.


This group of hikers has taken an easy path just off the main road to come to the natural rock arch. The park is filled with natural arches and windows made of stone.

Historic Remnants

Historic writings from pioneers of the 1800's dot one small pocket in Snow Canyon State Park. Just as the ancient Native Americans left their pictographs and petroglyps, these recorded names have historic significance as well.

Directions to Snow Canyon State Park: There are two ways to get to the park, one to the top entrance and the other to the entrance at the bottom.

Top Entrance: Drive north on Bluff Street in St. George and travel approximately 9 miles on highway 18. Go past the communities of The Ledges, and Winchester HIlls. You will see the park begin to loom in your view as you drive through these communities. The entrance to the park is on your left (1 mile) past Winchester Hills.

Bottom Entrance: Drive north on Bluff Street in St. George past Sunset Blvd one mile to Snow Canyon Parkway. Turn left and follow the parkway about three miles to the turn to Tuacahn. Stay on this road (1 mile) till you reach the entrance of the park.