The Inn at St. George 

Bird Watching

St Geroge Mtn Bikers

Around St. George Utah

Bird Migratory Area
Many birds migrate through the St. George, Utah area.
Bald Eagles
Bald Eagles are a fairly regular site in the upper elevations of the area.
While the St. George area does not see much snow, the surrounding mountains do. Eagles are a common winter guest.

St George Mountain Bikers


Wing-spread This eagle flies overhead and shows off a large wing-span.

California Condors - above Zion National Park California Condors were planted in the Vermillion Cliffs area of the Grand Canyon. This condor has wandered north to Zion National Park.

St George Utah Biking


Turkey Vultures Turkey Vultures wander throughout the St. George Utah area. These two cruise above one of the higher plateaus above St. George.
Eagles Eagles have strong eyesight for spotting prey on the ground. This one has found dinner.
Resting This eagle sits on its perch - hgh in a Ponderosa Pine tree.
Take-off This eagle cruises over higher-mountain winter fields looking for prey.
Down-thrust Here's the downward thrust of the eagle's wings.
Other Birds Road-runners, quail, doves and many other birds inhabit the area surrounding St. George, Utah. Check back for photographs of these and other birds.