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Sand Hollow State Park

Sand Hollow is referred to as "Little Lake Powell" because of its rock formations and red sand beaches. To the south side of the reservoir you'll find the Hurrican Sand Dunes and great open spaces for ATV riding. Click here for more information on Lakes / Reservoirs in the St. George Utah area.

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Quail Creek State Park

Quail Creek is just north of Sand Hollow State Park and offers another great location for boating and water sport activities. The beaches are not as sandy but the water is just as warm in the summer months, often topping the eighty-degree mark.

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Beautiful Waters

St. George offers three different state parks for boating. Gunlock State Park Quail Lake State Park Sand Hollow State Park These are the three main boating reservoirs however, Lake Mead is 1.5 hours away and Lake Powell is 2.5 hours from St. George.
Summer and Winter Fun In St. George it is warm most of the year and boating enthusiasts get longer boating seasons as a result. Easy in and out. All three main reservoirs are within 20 minutes of St. George. It's easy to get there and easy to get back home. Scenic Vistas Boating in the St. George area is always a scenic pleasure. Another View of Sand Hollow