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The word canyoneering was literally created in the Zion National Park area and the St. George Utah area is well known for the vast number of canyoneering opportunities. When you go Canyoneering you are hiking, climbing and rappelling in narrow slot canyons. Nearby locations such as Snow Canyon State Park, Zion National Park and the Virgin River Gorge lend themselves to this exciting activity.

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Canyoneering is essentially a little bit of hiking, climbing, rappelling, and sometimes swimming.

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Water Falls

Narrow slot canyons in the St. George Utah area frequently have water flowing through them because of snow melt in the high mountains or from recent rains in the vicinity.

Snow Canyon State Park Campground This is a very popular place for camping year-round but is most used in the spring and fall because of the pleasant day-time and night-time temperatures.
Fluted Canyons Traveling through a narrow slot canyon is an artistic and surreal experience. Naturally Carved Masterpieces Canyoneering in the St. George Utah area is more remarkable than one can imagine. Canyoneering is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of most all ages. Narrow Slot Canyons Nature has carved unbelievable narrow slots through the soft sandstone of the St. George, Utah area. Water-filled Canyons Be prepared to travel through a few pools of water in some of these back-country slot canyons. The water can be over 7' deep for short distances so be prepared to wade, swim or climb around these pools. Bring a towel and some warm clothing in a water protected bag so you can warm up, as needed. The sun does not often reach into the deepest recesses of these slot canyons. Vertical Slots With a little bit of basic arm strength a person can find ways to maneuver up a slot. Flash Floods - Safety While this narrow canyon is dry, it will take just a little rain (up-stream) to begin to fill this canyon with water. The natural water gathering points for some canyons are often miles away from where you are standing, so keep an eye on the weather. Just because the sky is fairly clear straight above you, does not mean that rain from several miles away won't be able to reach where you are standing. Contact this company to take a guided or un-guided canyoneering experience: Zion Rock Guides