The Inn at St. George 

St. George Live

Ghost Towns Rubble

St. George "Live"

This program runs June through August each summer and is an opportunity for visitors to meet famous pioneers from the early settlement days of St. George.
Call 436-634-5942 for more details

Silver Reef Remainin Structures

LDS Temple

The temple grounds, covering one square block, offer a visitor center where any person may enter and learn more about the tenets of the Mormon faith. Film presentations and guided tours are available. The Mormon Temple grounds and visitor center is the number one tourist attraction in St. George. 

Silver Reef

LDS Temple

The temple was constructed on a location that had some swampy ground and, of necessity, the foundation of the structure needed to be reinforced. To accomplish this solid volcanic rock was taken from a nearby quarry (see below) and pounded into the ground to create stable footings for the foundation. Builders used an old canon from the Mexican War to pile-drive the volcanic rock into the marshy ground.

Cemitary Reef

St. George Temple Quarry

This sign marks the entrance to an area on the back side of what is know as the black hill where large volcanic boulders were available.

Old Town

Temple Quarry

This volcanic rock shows remnants of drilling marks that were made to split boulders in order to shape them, or bring them to a size that could be hauled by wagon to the temple site. This hillside is where many of the volcanic boulders were obtained to be used in the foundation of the St. George LDS Temple.

Silver Reef Town

St. George LIVE

During the summer months, the city of St. George sponsors a program called "St. George Live" where visitors can tour historic sites and meet historic figures. 
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Silver Reef Mine

St. George Tabernacle

One of the first major structures built by the early Mormon settlers was a meeting house where the community could gather for all occasions. The clock on the tower would sound out the time for the area residents and tell them when it was time to gather or to return home from their fields. Free guided tours are available on a daily basis.
The St. George Tabernacle can seat 1,200 people.

Mill Town

Brigham Young Winter Home

Mormon Prophet and leader Brigham Young spent the winters in the last four years of his life in St. George. He came to the more temperate winter climate for health reasons. Guided tours are provide of this home daily (seven days a week). An estimated 75,000 people visit this home annually. The home is located in downtown St. George (67 W. 200 N.).

Town House

Jacob Hamblin Historic

Located at the western end of the city of Santa Clara (just west of St. George), is the historic home of early mormon explore Jacob Hamblin. He was sent by Mormon Prophet Brigham Young to explore the Santa Clara River region and to ascertain the potential of the area for a settlement. Hamblin was considered to be a great friend to the Native Americans of the region and was implicitly trusted by them. Jacob Hamblin Historic Home Jacob Hamblin originally built his home closer to the Santa Clara River (just south of this location) but his home was washed away in a flash flood and he wisely moved his second home further up the hillside. Jacob Hamblin Historic Home The home is filled with historic furniture and other items used during his pioneer era. Jacob Hamblin Historic Home Tours of the home and the grounds are available on a daily basis (seven days a week).

Grafton Old School House

Historic Opera House

These structures are found on 200 north and just off main street in St. George. The art museum houses permanent and traveling art exhibits. 

The Opera House was a gathering place and used for theatrical and musical entertainment.

Ghost Towns Graveyard

Daughters of Utah Pioneers

Just before arriving at Grafton Ghost town you'll come across the Grafton cemetery.



A close examination of this headstone shows two young teenagers that were killed during the time of Native American uprising.
Getting to Grafton: Travel to the town of Rockville (1 mile from Springdale and 3 miles from the southwest entrance ofZion National Park). At the east end of Rockville, look for Bridge Rd. (turn south). Follow the signs on a dirt road that turns back to the west and parallels the Virgin River for approximately 2 miles. You'll se the graveyard on the left and the road circle north toward the river and to the main part of the town.