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Dixie National Forest

Dixie National Forest

The St. George Utah area is home to the lower section of the Dixie National Forest. The majority of the forest is located around Pine Mountain.  Some access points to the forest are as follows: 
• Kolob Terrace
• New Harmony
• Oak Grove
• Pine Valley

St. George Utah Forest Hiking

Walking, Hiking - Dixie Forest

Pine Valley Mountain rises over 10,000 feet above St. George Utah.   In the warmer summer months the higher mountains offer a cooler getaway. National Forest -  for more information

Dixie Forest

Forest Campgrounds

Campgrounds and picnic areas are available in several areas of the forest.
• Equestrian Blue Springs
• Honeycomb Rocks
• Juniper Park
• North Juniper /South Juniper
• Oak Grove
• Pines
Day Use Picnic Areas
• Lower Pines
• East Ponderosa /Middle Ponderosa
• West Ponderosa
• Upper Pines

Dixie National Forest

Forest Scenery

Utah Forest

Forest Fun

A mother and her two daughters enjoy the serenity of a walk in the forest.

Kolob Res

St. George Area Forest

The bark of a Ponderosa Pine smells very much like vanilla. Place your nose close to the bark and inhale, and you'll enjoy the aroma.

Forest Camping

Camping in Dixie Forest

Camping in the forest is one of the great experiences in the outdoors.

Forest Campfire

Fires in Dixie National Forest

There's nothing better than sitting around a campfire. Be careful and follow forest service regulations for building fires.