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St. George Utah

St. George Utah

St. George Utah

St. George is located in the southwestern corner of Utah and is known for its majestic scenery, mild winter climate, excellent golf courses, outdoor adventure and friendly people.

Often spelled as "Saint George" the area is a mecca for retirees (often referred to as Snowbirds) looking to find a dry and warmer climate during the winter months.

St. George offers excellent medical services, entertainment, shopping, dining, and outdoor activities.

Saint George, Utah

St. George Utah Location

St. George is on the Utah and Arizona border. Interstate 15 from Los Angeles and Las Vegas passes through St. George and follows a northern course to Salt Lake City, Utah.  Distance from other key locations in the west:

Zion National Park
49 miles
Las Vegas, Nevada
119 miles
Bryce Canyon, Utah
152 miles
Grand Canyon North Rim
160 miles
Salt Lake CIty, Utah
303 miles
Los Angeles, California
394 miles
Phoenix, Arizona
420 miles
San Diego, California
456 miles
Albuquerque, New Mexico
613 miles
Denver, Colorado
639 miles

View to southeast


Population (St. George City - 75,000 +)
Population (Washington County - 135,000 +)

Downtown Saint George Utah


St. George was first settled in 1861 by Mormon pioneers (members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints). Brigham Young, the colonizer of the Utah territory sent 300 families to the area to grow cotton when it was less available during the civil war. The city was named for George A Smith, a Mormon Apostle, of whom it is said that Brigham Young referred to as a saint for his efforts among the pioneer settlers.  As a result of the cotton growing efforts the St. George area became known as Utah's Dixie and many evidences of that nickname remain today.

View east to Zion National Park


St. George is unique positioned in an area where three major zones come together - the Great Basin Desert, Mojave Desert and Colorado Plateau. As a result, plants and animals from all three zones are found in the St. George area. Much of St. George sits at approximately 2,800 feet in elevation while mountains rise all around the city, some as high as 10,000 feet. The Virgin and Santa Clara Rivers come to a confluence in St. George.

St. George is surrounded by the cities of Santa Clara, Ivins, and Washington. Zion National Park can be seen from St. George and is 49 miles away by car, but is visually about 35 miles from St. George. The city is surrounded by red sandstone (stained by oxidizing iron) and black lava from ancient volcanoes.

Saint George Utah Home


Rain comes rarely (6-to-8 inches per year) to the St. George area and the cities lower elevation keeps clouds passing high overhead. Mostly clear skies are seen over 320 days a year. Daytime temperatures in the winter average in the 60's and late summer temperatures average around 102 degrees. The weather in St. George is quite ideal for 9 to 10 months each year. Locals enjoy cooling in swimming pools and local lakes and streams during July and August. Snow is rarely seen and if it comes it stays only a few hours. Snow usually lands on the higher elevations of the surrounding mountains leaving St. George clear and dry.

St. George Hospital (One of two main locations)


With the growing retirement population St. George offers some excellent medical facilities. Larger companies such as Skywest Airlines (1,500+ flights daily) house their corporate headquarters here.

The natural scenery and excellent golf courses draw many people to the area (tourism) for outdoor adventure and sports. (see sports below)

St. George at Night


Interstate 15 is a major thoroughfare through the city of St. George with over 15,000,000 people passing up and down the corridor annually.

Skywest Airlines serves the community with 10+ flights per day through Salt Lake City and Los Angeles. Shuttles take travelers to Las Vegas and Salt Lake City and local taxi, limousine and car rental companies are available.

A new regional airport is being readied for opening in 2012.

St. George Utah Park


St. George is fast becoming known as one of the sporting capitals of the west.

• Host of World Senior Games (10,000+ athletes)
• Host of St. George Marathon (6,000+ runners)
• Softball Tournaments (30 per year)
• Soccer Tournaments
• Mountain Bike and Road Cycling Races
• Triathlons
• Tennis Complexes (Abundant in Area)
• Volleyball, Wrestling, Basketball - Tournaments
• Semi-professional sports teams (Baseball / Football)

St. George Top Views


Television - Broadcast in area
• KSCG TV - 4 (Local)
• Salt Lake City Stations (5)
• Las Vegas Stations (2)

Newspaper -
• The Spectrum

Radio -
• Many local AM and FM stations

St George Utah Beautiful Views


Dixie State College (four-year)

Dixie High School
Pine View High School
Snow Canyon High School
Desert Hills High School
Hurricane High School

Saint George Utah Golf


In the 1970's St. George began to be recognized as a year-round golf destination. Today there are 12 golf courses in the area with more on the drawing boards.

The mild winter weather and diverse terrain make St. George a great destination for outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, canyoneering, horseback riding, ATV riding, jeep touring, aerial flights, and much more.