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Zion National Park

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Click here - Zion National Park Hiking
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zion national park entrance

Zion National Park -East Entrance

There are two main entrances to Zion National Park. Scenic highway 9 runs from the town of Springdale on the southwest side of the park to the community of Zion Mountain on the east. Click here to view our new Zion National Park Guide 
Zion National Park is approximately 30 miles in length and 15 miles at its widest point. 
More Zion National Park Information

great white throne

The Great White Throne

This white sandstone mountain juts up amidst the surrounding red sandstone formations. The red sandstone is colored by iron that has oxidized. The top of the Great White Throne is very flat and, like the surrounding terrain, is part of what used to be the bottom of a large inland ocean. Zion has been carved by erosion of rain and rivers that have cut the magnificent canyons we see today. 

driving from the valley floor

The Valley Floor

This car makes it way from 4,000 feet at the valley floor to 6,000 feet. Just around the corner (left) the road switches back to the entrance of a mile-long tunnel that was carved into the side of the canyon wall. This tunnel completed in 1935, allows travelers to go to the east side of the park. The car is traveling on scenic highway 9 which eventually connects with scenic highway 89.

Court of the Partiarchs

Court of the Patriarchs

These formations are known as Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the great patriarchs of the old testament. Early Mormon explorers and pioneers gave names to many formations within Zion National Park that came from their religious background.

East Side of the park

East Side of the Park

This road is on the higher (east) side of the park where the formations are much different. Big horn sheep are known to frequent this area and are regularly seen by passers by.

sand stone arches

Sandstone Arches

This ribbon of an arch sits high on the upper reaches of Zion National Park. Most visitors would not know it is there even though it is in plain view. Stand in the right place near the west entrance of the park and look upward about 1,500 feet and you'll see this arch. 

zion waterfalls

Waterfall Heaven

Count yourself lucky if you are in Zion National Park when it rains or when the spring snows are melting. Waterfalls dot the landscape on these occasions and make Zion all the more majestic. 

zion sunrise


As the sun comes up on the eastern horizon, the western walls of the main canyon are exposed to the daylight's warm rays. Shadows cast from the east rim march slowly down the wall to finally reveal the valley floor below.